IJCAI 2020
Conference paper

Deep semantic compliance advisor for unstructured document compliance checking

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Unstructured document compliance checking is always a big challenge for banks since huge amounts of contracts and regulations written in natural language require professionals' interpretation and judgment. Traditional rule-based or keyword-based methods cannot precisely characterize the deep semantic distribution in the unstructured document semantic compliance checking due to the semantic complexity of contracts and regulations. Deep Semantic Compliance Advisor (DSCA) is an unstructured document compliance checking platform which provides multi-level semantic comparison by deep learning algorithms. In the statement-level semantic comparison, a Graph Neural Network (GNN) based syntactic sentence encoder is proposed to capture the complicate syntactic and semantic clues of the statement sentences. This GNN-based encoder outperforms existing syntactic sentence encoders in deep semantic comparison and is more beneficial for long sentences. In the clause-level semantic comparison, an attention-based semantic relatedness detection model is applied to find the most relevant legal clauses. DSCA significantly enhances the productivity of legal professionals in the unstructured document compliance checking for banks.



IJCAI 2020