Physica C: Superconductivity and its applications

Crystal growth and characterization of the superconducting phase in the BiSrCuO system

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Crystal growth was investigated in the system BiSrCuO. Layered bismuth cuprates with formulas close to (Bi, Sr)4CuOx or (Bi, Sr)5Cu2Ox and a typical micaceous, lath-like habit were grown by slow cooling from a wide range of compositions partially or totally melted in the temperature range 890-1000°C. Only (Bi, Sr)4CuOx crystals with 0.8<Sr/Bi<0.9 were superconducting, with Tc9-10 K. In Sr-rich melts, platy crystals of orthorhombic SrCuO2 and SrCu1.7Ox were obtained. BiSrCuO melts react with platinum below ca. 1000°C, leading to the formation of Sr4PtO6 crystals. © 1988.