Materials Research Society Symposium-Proceedings

Correlation of nanoindentation and conventional mechanical property measurements


A series of model ferritic alloys and two commercial steels were used to develop a correlation between tensile yield strength and nano-indentation hardness measurements. The NanoIndenter-II® was used with loads as low as 0.05 gf (0.490 mN) and the results were compared with conventional Vickers microhardness measurements using 200 and 500 gf (1.96 and 4.90 N) loads. Two methods were used to obtain the nanohardness data: (1) constant displacement depth and (2) constant load. When the nanohardness data were corrected to account for the difference between projected and actual indenter contact area, good correlation between the Vickers and nanohardness measurements was obtained for hardness values between 0.7 and 3 GPa. The correlation based on constant nanoindentation load was slightly better than that based on constant nanoindentation displacement. Tensile property measurements were made on these same alloys, and the expected linear relationship between Vickers hardness and yield strength was found, leading to a correlation between measured changes in nanohardness and yield strength changes. © 2001 Materials Research Society.