Modern Physics Letters A

Conformal Higgs model: Gauge fields can produce a 125 GeV resonance

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Recent cosmological observations and compatible theory offer an understanding of long-mysterious dark matter and dark energy. The postulate of universal conformal local Weyl scaling symmetry, without dark matter, modifies action integrals for both Einstein-Hilbert gravitation and the Higgs scalar field by gravitational terms. Conformal theory accounts for both observed excessive external galactic orbital velocities and for accelerating cosmic expansion. SU(2) symmetry-breaking is retained by the conformal scalar field, which does not produce a massive Higgs boson, requiring an alternative explanation of the observed LHC 125 GeV resonance. Conformal theory is shown here to be compatible with a massive neutral particle or resonance W2 at 125 GeV, described as binary scalars gμνW-μW +ν and gμνZμZν interacting strongly via quark exchange. Decay modes would be consistent with those observed at LHC. Massless scalar field φ is dressed by the W2 field to produce Higgs Lagrangian term λ(φ†φ)2 with the empirical value of λ known from astrophysics.


28 Jul 2021


Modern Physics Letters A