ICML 2023
Conference paper

Compressed Decentralized Proximal Stochastic Gradient Method for Nonconvex Composite Problems with Heterogeneous Data


We first propose a decentralized proximal stochastic gradient tracking method (DProxSGT) for nonconvex stochastic composite problems, with data heterogeneously distributed on multiple workers in a decentralized connected network. To save communication cost, we then extend DProxSGT to a compressed method by compressing the communicated information. Both methods need only O(1) samples per worker for each proximal update, which is important to achieve good generalization performance on training deep neural networks. With a smoothness condition on the expected loss function (but not on each sample function), the proposed methods can achieve an optimal sample complexity result to produce a near-stationary point. Numerical experiments on training neural networks demonstrate the significantly better generalization performance of our methods over large-batch training methods and momentum variance-reduction methods and also, the ability of handling heterogeneous data by the gradient tracking scheme.