VLDB 2003
Conference paper

Cache tables: Paving the way for an adaptive database Cache


We introduce a new database object called Cache Table that enables persistent caching of the full oi partial content of a remote database table. The content of a cache table is either defined declaratively and populated in advance at setup time, or determined dynamically and populatec on demand at query execution time. Dynamic cache tables exploit the characteristics of typical transactional web applications with a high volume of short transactions, simple equality predicates, and 3-4 way joins. Based on federated query processing capabilities, we developed a se of new technologies for database caching: cache tables, "Janus" (two-headed) query executior plans, cache constraints, and asynchronous cache population methods. Our solution supports transparent caching both at the edge of contentdelivery networks and in the middle-tier of an enterprise application infrastructure, improving the response time, throughput and scalability o transactional web applications.