Bulsarapp: Interactive visual analysis for surname trend exploration

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The study of surnames for a given population, together with their distribution and spatial patterns identification, has been a long-standing problem in the fields of human biology, public health, and social sciences. The ancestry inferred from surname information can be a useful means to understand the dynamics of human populations. This knowledge allows to characterize geographically the ethnicity of populations, and to understand the complex relationships between identity, migration, and health issues in a demographic view. However, in most cases, a detailed geolocalization of this data can be a daunting task. We propose a visual analytic tool that summarizes the heterogeneous surname and geographic information collected from Argentinean electoral rolls. This tool allows a massive data analysis, and facilitates interdisciplinary studies about population dynamics related to ancestry, migration, and health. It also offers an easy to use interface that allows interactive exploration of isonymy and surnames origins, their distribution, and spatial trends in a high population density context.