FAST 2024

Baking Disaster-Proof Kubernetes Applications with Efficient Recipes


Multicluster disaster recovery on cloud-native platforms such as Kubernetes usually replicates application data and Kubernetes resources to a safe recovery cluster. In the event of a disaster, Kubernetes resources are restored to the recovery cluster to recover the affected applications. We tested 10 popular Kubernetes applications using this naive approach, and 60% failed. Problems include data being restored in the wrong order, cluster-specific data being restored instead of generated by the cluster, etc. All these problems lead to our recipe design that enables disaster recovery of all Kubernetes applications. In this paper, we analyze the problems we encountered during the disaster recovery of Kubernetes applications and categorize applications based on their disaster recovery behaviors. We present a recipe that groups, orders, and filters Kubernetes resources to enable disaster recovery. Finally, we evaluate the reliability and efficiency of the recipe. Our evaluation shows that recipe achieves a 100% success rate of disaster recovery while adding mere seconds of overhead to the recovery time.