PerCom Workshops 2013
Conference paper

Autonomous configuration of spatially aware sensor services in service oriented WSNs

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Service-oriented Architectures (SOA) for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are an active research topic. Yet, autonomous configuration of services for real life constraints (spatio-temporal, input/output interoperability, policies, security etc.) is still a challenging problem. In this demonstration we describe the results of our research into the automated and intelligent configuration and composition of services for complex tasks.We present a service-oriented system capable of performing service configuration under spatial and relevancy constraints. It can configure services in one of the three following modes: distributed, centralized and hybrid. It also supports automatic reconfiguration in the event of service failures. This system uses a generic cost representation for services that may include spatial coverage of the services in an area of interest along with other service configuration cost metrics. We demonstrate our system using state-of-the-art emulation frameworks with a real life scenario. © 2013 IEEE.