Architecture of the component collective messaging interface

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Different programming paradigms utilize a variety of collective communication operations, often with different semantics. We present the component collective messaging interface (CCMI) that can support asynchronous nonblocking collectives and is extensible to different programming paradigms and architectures. CCMI is designed with components written in the C++ programming language, allowing it to be reusable and extendible. Collective algorithmsare embodied in topological schedules and executors that execute them. Portability across architectures is enabled by the multisend data movement component. CCMI includes a programming language adaptor used to implement different APIs with different semantics for different paradigms. We study the effectiveness of CCMI on 16K nodes of Blue Gene/P machine and evaluate its performance for the barrier, broadcast, and allreduce collective operations and several application benchmarks. We also present the performance of the barrier collective on the Abe Infiniband cluster. The Author(s), 2010.