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Approaches toward ultralarge FPDs

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Ultralarge active-matrix liquid-crystal displays (AMLCD) and plasma display panels (PDP) are both being developed as flat-panel display (FPD) competitors to the bulky cathode-ray tube for color video and monitor applications. The visual requirements for ultralarge FPDs are defined and their limits quantitatively delineated. Tiling, with or without seams, has been shown to provide the only path to ultralarge FPD sizes not accessible today with monolithic construction. The design, manufacturing, and characteristics of tiled AMLDs is described in detail. The 37.5-in tiled color-video AMLCD recently demonstrated by Rainbow Displays Inc. is used as the primary illustration: The limits of tiling will also be delineated. Finally, the relative strengths of the PDP and the AMLCD in ultralarge FPD applications will be assessed. © 2002 IEEE.