ASP-DAC 2014
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Applying VLSI EDA to energy distribution system design

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Energy distribution networks refer to that part of the electricity network that delivers power to homes and business. It is reported that significant amounts of energy are being wasted simply due to inefficiencies in this network. Further, this domain is rapidly changing with new types of loads such as electric vehicles or the spread of new types of energy sources such as photo-voltaic and wind. In this paper, we demonstrate a comprehensive design automation capability for energy distribution networks leading to much more flexible yet effective system. The new system's capabilities include power load distribution and transfers, equipment upgrading, geospatial-aware network optimization, outage identification, contingency planning and loss analysis/reduction. These features are enabled by advanced simulation, analysis and optimization engines that are adapted from those available in the traditional VLSI design automation area. The paper will conclude with potential future research directions that require further innovations in energy distribution networks. © 2014 IEEE.


27 Mar 2014


ASP-DAC 2014