The Journal of Chemical Physics

An investigation of the transition moment of the A 1Σ +-X 1Σ+ bands of CsH

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Relative emission intensities from both experiment and theory for the 4579 Å Ar+ laser-excited A1Σ+ (v́ = 19, J́ = 10) level of CsH are compared. The experimental results include both a previous measurement and two independent recent remeasurements and are in good agreement. The theoretical results have been improved by including explicit internuclear distance dependence of the electronic transition moment using the theoretical calculations of Laskowski and Stallcop. The agreement between experiment and theory is very good and much improved compared to previous work. A radiative lifetime of 84.5 nsec is calculated for the A 1Σ+ (v́ = 19,J́ = 10) level. © 1981 American Institute of Physics.