IM 2013
Conference paper

An intent-based approach for network virtualization


Virtualizing resources for easy pooling and accounting, as well as for rapid provisioning and release, is essential for the effective management of modern data centers. Although the compute and storage resources can be virtualized quite effectively, a comprehensive solution for network virtualization has yet to be developed. Our analysis of the requirements for a comprehensive network virtualization solution identified two complimentary steps of ultimate importance. One is specifying the network-related requirements, another is carrying out the requirements of multiple independent tenants in an efficient and scalable manner. We introduce a novel intent-based modeling abstraction for specifying the network as a policy governed service and present an efficient network virtualization architecture, Distributed Overlay Virtual Ethernet network (DOVE), realizing the proposed abstraction. We describe the working prototype of DOVE architecture and report the results of the extensive simulation-based performance study, demonstrating the scalability and the efficiency of the solution. © 2013 IFIP.