DAC 2024

Agile Discovery of Efficient Real-Time Systems-on-Chips in the Heterogeneous Era


Heterogeneous systems-on-chips (SoCs) for real-time applications integrate CPUs and/or GPUs with accelerators to meet application deadlines under strict power/area constraints. The large design space of these systems necessitates efficient SoC-level design space exploration (DSE). Existing static approaches struggle to find SoCs that satisfy all constraints, rendering them unsuitable for real-time applications. We propose the use of dynamic scheduling techniques to significantly reduce the design space and navigate it efficiently. Our proposal outperforms existing methodologies with 5.3-12.8x faster DSE times for autonomous vehicle and augmented/virtual reality domains, yielding designs with 1.2-3x better throughput (iso-area) and up to 2.4x lower area (iso-throughput).