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Accelerating RRAM Testing with a Low-cost Computation-in-Memory based DFT

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Emerging non-volatile resistive RAM (RRAM) device technology has shown great potential to cultivate not only high-density memory storage, but also energy-efficient computing units. However, the unique challenges related to RRAM fabrication process render the traditional memory testing solutions inefficient and inadequate for high product quality. This paper presents low-cost design-for-testability (DFT) solutions that augment the testing process and improve the fault coverage. A computation-in-memory (CIM) based DFT is realized to expedite the detection and diagnosis of faults by developing logic designs involving multi-row activation. A novel addressing scheme is introduced to facilitate the diagnosis of faults. Reconfigurable logic designs are developed to detect unique RRAM faults that offer features such as programmable reference generations, period, and voltage of operation. DFT implementations are validated on a post-layout extracted platform and testing sequences are introduced by incorporating the proposed DFTs. Results show that more than 2.3× speedup and better coverage are achieved with 6× area reduction when compared with state-of-the-art solutions.