International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics

A top-down approach to aligning business service centres with business processes

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Business Service Centres (BSCs) design a framework for defining non-overlapping, independent, reusable, cost-effective business centres that provide business services. Business services define the way service centres interact and exchange information and assets to achieve business goals. BSC modelling offers many advantages over traditional techniques such as reuse, simplicity, implementation autonomy and responsiveness. On the other hand, defining and modelling Business Processes (BPs) is a critical factor in improving business performance. We propose a top-down approach from the business level to the operational level, taking advantages of both BSC and BP approaches. Using the guidelines described in this framework, business designers can use both BSC and BP techniques to provide an end-to-end view of business operations. In a climate of constant and unpredictable change, synergy between process thinking and service centre thinking becomes essential to the success of enterprises. © 2008, Inderscience Publishers.