Nano Letters

A Simple Route to Metal Nanodots and Nanoporous Metal Films

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High density arrays of chromium (Cr) and layered gold/chromium (Au/Cr) nanodots and nanoholes in metal films were fabricated by evaporation onto nanoporous templates produced by the self-assembly of poly(styrene-b-methyl methacrylate) (P(S-b-MMA)) diblock copolymers. The cylindrical microdomains of the asymmetric block copolymer were oriented normal to the surface by balancing interfacial interactions of the blocks with the substrate. By selectively removing either the minor or major component, nanoporous films of PS or nanoscopic posts of PS could be produced. Thus, a template, comprising an array of hexagonally packed pores in a PS matrix or PS posts, was easily fabricated. Evaporation of Cr and Au onto the template, followed by sonication and UV degradation of the PS, left Cr or Au/Cr nanodots or a nanoporous metallic film.