International Journal of Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

A silicon-on-silicon MCM base-band controller for a spread-spectrum radio


A silicon-on-silicon multichip module was designed and built for use as a base-band controller for a spread-spectrum radio. The module incorporates a one-time-programmable microprocessor (OTP), an ASIC to provide a time-division duplexing function, DAC/ADC digital/analog interface, a gate array, and EEPROM. A unique feature of its design is that it allows in-circuit firmware programming of the OTP to configure the module for use in a variety of applications, including either a telephone's base station or in the remote hand held telephone. The module was designed and debugged using a conventionally packaged equivalent of the module and comparing its performance to the module's. This process has been found to be a practical and effective method for design and test of such applications.