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A power-efficient wireless sensor network for continuously monitoring seismic vibrations

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We present a novel power-efficient wireless sensor network for continuously monitoring and analyzing seismic vibrations with sensor nodes and forwarding the retrieved information with low-cost relay nodes to backend applications. The applied vibration sensing algorithms are derived from the DIN 4150-3 standard. All nodes in the network are battery-powered and equipped with an IEEE 802.15.4 compatible radio transceiver. The nodes communicate with each other by executing a novel power-efficient protocol stack, which provides all network functions required by the vibration-sensing application and uses a publish/subscribe messaging protocol for communicating between the network nodes and the backend applications. Results obtained in certification and field tests show that the proposed vibration-sensing solution is standard-compliant, and that the wireless vibration sensor network (WVSN) exhibits excellent performance in terms of packet delivery rate, latency, and power efficiency. © 2011 IEEE.