CSICS 2017
Conference paper

A fully-integrated 94-GHz 16-element dual-output phased-array transmitter in SiGe BiCMOS with PSAT>6.5 dBm up to 105 °c

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A 94-GHz 16-element phased array transmitter IC in a 130 nm BiCMOS technology is reported. The IC integrates 16 transmitter front ends with two independent outputs, a 1-to-16 power splitter, an IF-to-RF up-converter, a frequency synthesizer with continuous lock detection, an IF/baseband, and digital circuitry including serial interface and front-end memory within an IC size of 6.7 mm × 5.6 mm. A milimeter-wave (mmWave) up-conversion mixer design is introduced which enables a TX output signal-to-LO leakage ratio higher than 35 dB. On-wafer measurements at 94GHz taken at 25°C show IF-to-RF conversion gain of 35 dB, oP1dB of 4 dBm, Psat of 7.8 dBm and 360° phase shift capability per element, with a total power consumption of 3 W. The IC maintains Psat > 6.5 dBm at 94 GHz up to 105 °C.