ISSCC 2011
Conference paper

A 14Gb/s high-swing thin-oxide device SST TX in 45nm CMOS SOI

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The limited supply voltage of today's state-of-the-art CMOS technologies makes the design of high-speed transmitters at signaling swings above the typical 1V supply a challenging task. Higher-voltage TX amplitude is not only required in older I/O standards and legacy applications, but also in emerging electro-optical extensions where high voltage swing combined with high-speed operation is desired. Higher swing also helps meet certain I/O standards in applications where losses introduced by high-density package constraints can be compensated to some extent. The source-series terminated (SST) driver is a versatile building block in a multistandard I/O TX thanks to its potential for low-power operation, its low area consumption, high CMOS-style circuit content, and flexible termination capability [1]. Also, the SST driver supports single-ended output and differential operation. © 2011 IEEE.