Kushal Mukherjee


Kushal Mukherjee


Senior Research Scientist, AI


IBM Research - India Gurgaon, India


Kushal Mukherjee is a Research Scientist at IBM Research, India since 2017. He obtained his PhD degree from the Pennsylvania State University, USA in 2011 in addition to MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, USA (2009).  Prior to that he obtained his bachelor's degree from IIT Roorkee, India (2006). 

Before joining IBM, he worked as a Senior ResearchScientist (Machine Learning) at United Technologies Research Center, Ireland.  His research interests are in reinforcement learning, multi-agent systems and knowledge representation. 

He has over 10 years of experience in applied machine learning in   various   domains   including,   smart   buildings,   aerospace,   talent   management,   and   business   processtransformation.   He   has   an   extensive   background   in   Prognostics   and   Health   Management,   Probabilistic Graphical Models, MDP, and Time-series analysis and multi-agent systems. He has published over 45 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers and has filed for over 15 patents.

He is an IEEE senior member.



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