Michael Muller


Michael Muller




Human Centered AI; Generative AI; Social Justice


IBM Research - Cambridge Cambridge, MA USA


Michael Muller works as a Senior Research Scientist in the Human Centered AI group of IBM Research AI, where his work focuses on the human aspects of data science; ethics and values in applications of AI to human issues; and human-AI collaboration and co-creativity in generative AI.

Earlier IBM work involved activity-centric computing and communities of practice.

Michael is an internationally recognized expert in participatory design and participatory analysis. His work in this area includes the development of methods (CARD, PICTIVE, participatory heuristic evaluation) and theory (ethnocritical heuristics), as well as the creation of taxonomies and encyclopedic descriptions of participatory methodology in handbook chapters. Michael contributed expertise on participatory and qualitative analysis to a recent book from the National Academy of Science, as part of a three-year membership in a human-systems integration committee. More recently, Michael was co-author of Human Centered Data Science (MIT Press, 2022).

Michael has led medium- and large- scale activities in the ACM and NeurIPS communities, including ACM SIGCHI workshop on generative AI and CHI (2022; proposed for 2023), critical data science studies (2020), and two years as lead of the NeurIPS workshop on human-centered AI, and lead-organizer for a FAccT 2022 panel. He is currently co-chair of the subcommittee on critical and sustainable computing for the CHI 2023 conference, and has served as subcommittee co-chair for two years of the ACM SIGCHI DIS conference. He has previously served as papers co-chair for the ACM SIGCHI GROUP conference (2016) and the EUSSET European Computer Supported Cooperative Work conference (2019).

Michael serves as co-chair of ACM SIGCHI CARES; he serves as CARES liaison to several SIGCHI conferences. Michael is a member of the ACM SIGCHI Research Ethics committee, and has conducted ethics reviews for the FAccT and NeurIPS conferences. He is an active member of Fempower.tech and AccessSIGCHI.

ACM has recognized Michael as an ACM Distinguished Scientist. ACM SIGCHI has recognized Michael as a member of the CHI Academy.



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