Liran Funaro


Liran Funaro


Research Scientist


IBM Research - Israel Haifa, Israel


Research is my passion - I analyze data to identify gaps, invent solutions to bridge them, prove their viability, and implement them to create real change. It excites me to work on cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas. I love coding and engineering. A new programming language or technology is never a barrier to taking on a new challenge. I strive to develop innovative solutions to move the industry forward.

Ph.D. at the CS Faculty of Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), under the supervision of Prof. Assaf Schuster and Dr. Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda. My research focused on systems and algorithms for market-driven dynamic multi-resource allocation in public and private clouds. I joined the Scalable Systems team in Yahoo! Research, Haifa as a Research Scientist. I worked on product and open-source data platforms. Now I'm working with the Blockchain Research team at IBM as a Research Scientist.


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