Angela Suriyakumaran


Angela Suriyakumaran




Research Software Engineer, Education & Enablement


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Hursley, England


Dr Angela Suriyakumaran received her PhD from the University of Bristol in the field of Functional Nanomaterials, and her Masters in Chemistry with Nanotechnology from the University of Hull. Her PhD titled 'A tamper indicating toolbox: exploring ultrasonic monitoring of silica sol-gel' draws from areas of Inorganic Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering, to form a novel system of tamper detection in nuclear dismantling security. During this time, she developed an interest in coding and STEM education.

This then led her to work for a digital education software company, LearnSci, where she designed and developed products geared towards university science departments. This allowed her to gain an understanding of learning theory, accessibility, designing and developing learning content, project management and further coding experience (HTML, CSS, JS).

Her research and previous work experience has been brought together in her role within IBM, where her focus lies in creating courses and improving documentation that sits alongside the research done within IBM Research. She is currently working with the geospatial analysis and scientific simulation toolkit teams in UKI.