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    Welcome to the
    Open Source Incubator

    Open source software is a vehicle for innovation and adopting it early poses an opportunity. We’re accelerating the time to value for strategic open source projects through co-development with industry clients for their specific use cases.


    IBM Research is a leading contributor to open source software delivering differentiated value for hybrid cloud, security and AI and machine learning (ML). We founded the Open Source Incubator to create deep engagement with thought-leading industry partners invested in the innovation happening with open source software.

    The Open Source Incubator is a trusted advisor program to help industry seize opportunity and overcome challenges for a curated selection of innovative open source projects with significant potential business impact. The Incubator enables teams to develop the open source technical expertise needed to successfully plan, implement and deploy projects to prove business value.

    Working with IBM Research will enable enterprises to harness the power of highly strategic, open source software, by working closely to incubate key use cases to accelerate the time to value.

    The objectives of the Open Source Incubator are to enable customers to:

    • Experience and learn about the open source software through curated content from IBM Research in the form of tutorials, videos, technical papers, and events featuring IBM Research leaders
    • Experiment with the open source software through available runtimes, demonstrations and sample use cases available in the cloud or in your enterprise
    • Explore the potential for your business requirements and use a bank of hours to get one-on-one time with Research scientists to advance your use cases for any of the open source projects in the Incubator

    Deliberate innovation is the union of technical innovation and authentic demand. We’re bringing the technical innovation and expertise, you bring the authentic demand. Together, we’ll advance the state of open source.

    Join the IBM Research Open Source Incubator and bolster your business’s application of open source innovation.



    • Dedicated engagement manager

      Work confidently with an engagement manager who collaborates with account leadership to define OKRs for your engagement and advocates for your goals, ensuring your milestones are met.

    • Curated open source software

      Discover a catalog of differentiated open-source software curated by IBM researchers–projects that set the stage for the next generation of cloud-native workload adoption.

    • Digital portal

      Gain account access to a curated portal featuring open-source projects that provide technical and business insights—proven through use-cases that can be adapted to your enterprise.

    • Events and workshops

      Join us as we go deeper into open-source technology. Our portal offers exclusive access to informational sessions, hands-on demos, and feature planning sessions hosted by research scientists. The portal also offers custom events planned by your engagement manager to help meet your account objectives.

    • Technical content

      Give your technical teams hands on access to the technology. Dive into customized technical content, including detailed guides, executable notebooks, demos, and samples.

    • Use-case development and implementation

      Ensure a clear path forward with the support of IBM research scientists. Create and implement your real-world use cases to prove the open source, discover gaps, and map out the last mile requirements to ensure a successful proof of technology (PoT).

    • Bank of hours

      Use a quarterly bank of hours with IBM Research scientists to meet your specific open source needs from implementation of PoTs to customized workshops to get your teams ready to engage 

    Our work


    Mukesh Khare
    Vice President: Hybrid Cloud
    Jason Silbergleit
    Vice President Research Business Development & Quantum Sales
    Giovanni Pacifici
    VP, Cloud
    Priya Nagpurkar
    Director, Hybrid Cloud Platform
    Andrea Greggo
    IBM Research Offering Manager

    Contact us for additional information on how to join the Open Source Incubator.


    IBM and Open Source

    IBM and Open Source: IBM was one of the earliest champions of open source, backing influential communities like Linux, Apache, and Eclipse, pushing for open licenses, open governance, and open standards.