Applied Surface Science

Some properties of CrxV1-xSi2 and CrxMo1-xSi2 thin films

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CrSi2 which crystallizes in the hexagonal C40 structure type is reported to be a semiconductor with a bandgap of about 0.35 eV. On the other hand, VSi2 with one electron less but with the same crystal structure exhibits a metallic conductivity. MoSi2, also with the same structure (below about 650°C), and the same electronic configuration as CrSi2 is a compensated metal. In order to investigate the transition from one type of behaviour to the others we have prepared CrxV1-x and CrxMo1-x alloys deposited by coevaporation of the metals on Si wafers. All the layers which have been treated at 650°C exhibit only one type of diffraction peaks corresponding to a hexagonal C40 solid solution. Hall effect and resistivity measurements indicate that the addition of VSi2 to CrSi2 rapidly increases the hole concentration with a clear metallic behaviour at 25 mol% VSi2. Addition of MoSi2 produces more gradual changes. Infrared absorption spectra exhibit a clear cutoff around 0.4-0.5 eV depending on the alloy composition. © 1989.