ICWS 2021
Invited paper

Software Services Engineering Manifesto – A Cross-Cutting Declaration

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As we have entered the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era, further blessed with rapid advances in several key technological areas including DevOps, AI/ML, 5G/6G/, neurocomputing, to name a few, it is imperative we think big and aim high. This new venture will require professionals in both software engineering and services computing to collaborate with an unprecedented intensity, and jointly develop the new interdisciplinary field hereby named Software Services Engineering (SSE). In SSE, the ever-deepening system dynamics emerging from both environments and humans in varying contexts are imposing steep challenges to both researchers and practitioners. Humans, both developers and the vast number of end users, are embedded ever closer to IoT environments, and are being afforded ample opportunities to continuously inject inputs during system development and after deployment. In fact, humans are increasingly playing the roles of both sensor and actuator. Traditional requirements engineering researchers are being lured more than ever into exploiting the IoT environments where human users are deeply embedded, to gather contextual information that inevitably introduces lots of ambiguity and uncertainty. Provisioning of highly adaptable and scalable microservices would be key to timely meeting ever-changing human desires and ever-evolving system requirements in the nimblest manner. As such, an ultra-agile and field-programmable development methodology and environment will be imperative to achieving such ultra-fine grained microservices provisioning. Such ultra-agility and ultra-fine granularity requirements imposed to the services industry obligate company executives to expect extreme manageability assurance to become the centroid of system operations and administration. The ultimate goal in pursuit of such a noble dream will be to provide genuinely individualized and trustworthy service, possibly enabled by AI, but it should be both explainable and ethical. Facing such grand challenges, this declaration samples a subset of burning issues in SSE through observations in seven themes, only meant to be starting points for the SSE community to further investigate. Through our declarations we also call for heightened attention to an assorted array of existing, barely emerging or non-existent services computing and software engineering methods for a concerted effort to research and explore.