IWJT 2012
Conference paper

Modifications of growth of strained silicon and dopant activation in silicon by cryogenic ion implantation and recrystallization annealing

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Formation of heavy C andlor P doping Si alloy with a strain andlor low resistivity in FinFET SID having only (I10) plane on fin sidewall poses a challenge because, if the CYD selective epitaxy typically used in recent SID process integration is employed, it is extremely difficult to grow heavily doped Si alloys with defect-free microstructure on (11O) crystallographic plane. We propose the combination of cryogenic ion-implant amorphization followed by nonmelt laser annealing regrowth for both strained C-incorporated Si solid-phase epitaxy and improvement of P-activation in heavily P-doped Si alloy epitaxially grown film, while annihilating defects. In this paper, the diffusion and the activation of C atoms and P atoms in Si with C additive are investigated for different nonmelt laser annealing conditions. Additionally, the influence of cryogenic implantation of Si+ into amorphized P-doped Si epitaxial layer followed by nonmelt laser annealing recystallization on the diffusion and activation of P atoms in Si is discussed.