Low energy proton single-event-upset test results on 65 nm SOI SRAM

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Experimental results are presented on proton induced single-event-upsets (SEU) on a 65 nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) SRAM. The low energy proton SEU results are very different for the 65 nm SRAM as compared with SRAMs fabricated in previous technology generations. Specifically, no upset threshold is observed as the proton energy is decreased down to 1 MeV; and a sharp rise in the upset cross-section is observed below 1 MeV. The increase below 1 MeV is attributed to upsets caused by direct ionization from the low energy protons. The implications of the low energy proton upsets are discussed for space applications of 65 nm SRAMs; and the implications for radiation assurance testing are also discussed. © 2006 IEEE.