International Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems

Integrated SiGe and Si device capabilities and trends for multi-gigahertz applications

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Silicon-based devices, including the increasingly available SiGe-based devices, are now demonstrating fT and fMAX values over 200 GHz. These recent advances open the door to a wide range of silicon-based very high frequency, low power and highly integrated solutions. Trends in silicon MOS, SiGe HBT, SiGe MODFET and SiGe strained silicon FETs are reported. Silicon inroads to device functions viewed as the sole realm of III-V technologies are also being demonstrated. Capability and trends of the integrated silicon photodiode are reported here as an example. Integration of these high-speed devices into a complex circuit requires on-chip passive device functionality at such high frequency. Key devices to enable integration are the inductor, varactor, and transmission line, and operation of these devices at high frequency is reported. Further, we discuss noise isolation issues and techniques, which may be used when minimizing cross-talk within a conductive silicon substrate.