VLSI Technology 2011
Conference paper

Full metal gate with borderless contact for 14 nm and beyond


Tungsten-based full metal gate (FMG) stacks that are equivalent to or better than metal-inserted poly-Si (MIPS) stack have been developed. These fully encapsulated FMG stacks enable borderless source/drain contacts needed for the 14 nm technology node and beyond, where the contacted gate pitch is expected to be less than 80 nm. Tungsten replaces gate salicidation with the sheet resistance ≤ 14 Ω/□. FMG stack show excellent Tinv scaling (0.92 and 1.15 nm for NFET and PFET, respectively) and enhanced hole mobility by 20 % compared to MIPS gate stack. Fully integrated short channel devices and borderless contacts are demonstrated at 80 nm contacted gate pitch. © 2011 JSAP (Japan Society of Applied Physi.