Journal of Applied Physics

Field and bias dependence of high-frequency magnetic noise in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions

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We present room-temperature measurements of high-frequency magnetization fluctuation (mag noise) in MgO-based nanopillar magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) biased with a direct current (dc). In the frequency range of 1-13 GHz, double mag-noise peaks are observed for some MTJs while others only show a single mag-noise peak. The in-plane field dependence of the mag-noise peak frequency is consistent with the Kittel formula. For all MTJs measured, the bias-dependent shift in the mag-noise peak frequency has a pronounced asymmetry. In addition, we find nonmonotonic variations in peak linewidth as a function of the external in-plane magnetic field and of the dc bias current. These suggest the possible involvement of nonmacrospin modes in spin-torque-dependent thermal mag-noise generation. © 2009 American Institute of Physics.