ECS Meeting 2008
Conference paper

Channel Strain Characterization in Embedded SiGe by Nano-beam Diffraction

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Nano-beam diffraction (NBD) has been successfully used in measuring channel strain in device of embedded SiGe (eSiGe). Strain measurements have been correlated to different processing conditions and microstructures of eSiGe and device performance. For intrinsic eSiGe without growth defect with 15-17%Ge, the average channel strain measured by NBD is ∼ -0.55%, consistent with our previous measurement by convergent electron beam diffraction (CBED) and TCAD simulation. For graded eSiGe with average ∼22%Ge, the average channel strain measured by NBD is ∼ -0.90%, which is lower than the TCAD simulation. Differences between experimental results and simulation are also discussed. ©The Electrochemical Society.