Wolf Bocanett


Wolf Bocanett


IBM Garage AP/GCG/Japan Development Lead


IBM Research - Tokyo Tokyo, Japan


Wolf Bocanett is a senior technical staff member at IBM Japan and a regional lead in the IBM Garage worldwide team.

Currently Wolf is the Asia Pacific, Japan & China Development Leader at IBM Garage. In addition to that he is a member of Tokyo R&D Laboratory and a collaborator with various IBM R&D labs and IBM Garage teams across the world.

Wolf specialize and mentor others in emerging technologies, human-centered design, agile development, gaming technologies and software architecture. Wolf helps people create & realize novel digital experiences and solutions using the latest technologies along with user-centric design & agile development methodologies.

Current interests

Computer vision and XR (AR/VR/MR), Blockchain, AI, ML, gaming technologies, user-experience, design thinking, quantum computing, cloud computing, cloud-native development, software architecture, human-computer-interfaces (HCI), cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT) and much more. Beyond that sometimes volunteer in Japan in areas such as lecturing at schools, mentoring others in areas such as technology and professional growth, supporting local creators and groups and providing assistance in times of emergency and disaster management and prevention.

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Top collaborators

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Jed Pitera

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