Toshinari Itoko


Toshinari Itoko


Staff Research Scientist, Quantum, Analytics & Optimization


IBM Research - Tokyo Tokyo, Japan


I am strongly interested in application of my analysis and optimization skill to create new technologies (businesses) in various fields (industries) such as quantum computing, AI (manufacturing, healthcare, publishing) etc. My recent work includes optimization of quantum compiler tasks, noise characterization and suppression for better quantum operations and development of Qiskit (an open source SDK for quantum computing). I have been working on theoretical foundation and practical implementation for modeling, analysis, simulation, and optimization of complex systems. My prior projects include: Data analysis for preventing aggravation of diabetic complication. Anomaly detection of industrial machinery. Adaptive UX improvement in resume search for skill matching. Efficient book transformation from scan images to structured text with crowd sourcing. Scheduling in LCD production. Optimization of plate design at steelworks.

[Third person version] Toshinari Itoko is a researcher at IBM Research - Tokyo. He belongs to IBM Quantum. He received Master’s degree (combinatorial optimization) from the University of Tokyo and joined IBM in 2004. He experienced R&D on mathematical optimization, human computer interaction and machine learning techniques before joining IBM Quantum in 2017. He received Ph.D (quantum compiler optimization) from Tsukuba University in 2021. He has been working on optimization of quantum compiler tasks and recently interested in quantum error characterization and suppression. He is also developing Qiskit (an open source SDK for quantum computing).




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Petar Jurcevic

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