Takashi Imamichi


Takashi Imamichi


Research Scientist


IBM Research - Tokyo Tokyo, Japan


Takashi Imamichi (今道 貴司) is a researcher at IBM Research - Tokyo. He belongs to Quantum computing team. He received the Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Informatics, and Doctor of Informatics degrees from Kyoto University in 2004, 2006, and 2009, respectively. His research interests include quantum computing, cutting and packing problems and metaheuristics.

Since he joined IBM in 2010, he had mainly worked on agent-based traffic flow simulation and contributed to the development of IBM Mega Traffic simulator (Megaffic). He was also involved in some Smarter Cities project using Megaffic to predict and mitigate traffic congestion in urban areas. He moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2014 and worked for IBM Research - Brazil for three years. He was mainly involved in data mining and optimization projects for the natural resource industry. He came back to IBM Research - Tokyo in 2017 and he is currently working on the development of quantum algorithms and Qiskit.



Top collaborators

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Toshinari Itoko

Staff Research Scientist, Quantum, Analytics & Optimization