Naoki Kanazawa


Naoki Kanazawa


Research Scientist


IBM Research - Tokyo Tokyo, Japan


Naoki Kanazawa is a researcher at IBM Research - Tokyo. He belongs to the IBM Quantum group. He received the Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering, and Doctor of Engineering degrees from Toyohashi University of Technology in 2012, 2014, and 2017, respectively. His research interests include microwave engineering, magnonics, spintronics, and quantum computing.

Since he joined Physical Informatics group in IBM in 2017, he worked on development of opt-electronic reservoir computing system. He was also involved in the research agenda of Corporate Sponsored Research Programs held in the University of Tokyo. Since he moved to the IBM Quantum group in 2019, he has been mainly serving as a software engineer. Currently he is one of core members of the open source project Qiskit. Specifically he is leading the development of pulse module and significantly contributing to the development of experimentalist tools.



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