Fumiko Satoh


Fumiko Satoh


STSM, Senior Manager, AI for Code & Security


IBM Research - Tokyo Tokyo, Japan


Dr. Fumiko Satoh is Senior Technical Staff Member and Senior Manager of Security and Hybrid Cloud Innovation group at IBM Research - Tokyo in Japan. She leads both security and hybrid cloud research projects and collaborates with IBM Cloud, IBM Security and IBM Service.

She has broad experiences in security, e.g. Web Service Security, Cloud Security, Security Information and Event Management, and Threat Intelligence. Her current responsibilities include providing advanced security analytics to IBM Security services and products with IBM X-Force team.

She also leads service transformation solutioins, e.g. IT Service Automation, Service process management. She collaborates IBM Service to support their customers' automation and transformation by developing new solutioins. Solutions from her project have been applied to many accounts' server environments only and contributed their effective and reliable service operation and management.

She has various research experiences in other areas: IoT Security, Business Process Management, Cloud Computing, Emission management system.

She received her Master's degree in physics and Doctoral degree in computer science from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2001 and 2010, respectively.