Eric Butler


Eric Butler


Research Senior Software Engineer


IBM Research - Almaden Almaden, CA USA


I am a software engineer in the IoT, Mobile, and System Lifecycle Analytics group at IBM Research - Almaden. I am currently working on projects involving detection of malware in system snapshots, automation for system and component firmware compatibility management, and automation and optimization of business processes. Over years I have worked on several projects for managing and optimizing large scale systems, data center SAN storage environments, distributed file systems and optimizing travel services for the business travele. My research interests include data center optimization; integrated system, storage, and network management; energy management; and IoT interfaces and management.


Master of Science San Jose State University, San Jose CA; Department of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science San Jose State University, San Jose CA; Department of Electrical Engineering

Engineering Associate of Science West Vally College, Saratoga CA

Mathmatics Associate of Arts West Valley College, Saratoga CA