Abbas Rahimi


Abbas Rahimi


Research Staff Member


IBM Research Europe - Zurich Zurich, Switzerland


Research Interests:

My research interests lie in codesigning algorithms and emerging hardware systems with an emphasis on improving energy efficiency and robustness. These include brain-inspired computing, neuro-symbolic AI, distributed embedded intelligent systems, and in general approximation opportunities in computation, communication, sensing, and storage.

Short Biography:

I received the B.S. degree in computer engineering from the University of Tehran in 2010, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science and engineering from the University of California San Diego in 2015, followed by postdoctoral researches at the University of California Berkeley, and at the ETH Zürich. In 2020, I have joined the IBM Research-Zürich laboratory as a Research Staff Member.

I received the 2015 Outstanding Dissertation Award in the area of 'New Directions in Embedded System Design and Embedded Software'' from the European Design and Automation Association, and the ETH Zürich Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2017. I was a co-recipient of the Best Paper Nominations at DAC (2013) and DATE (2019), and the Best Paper Awards at BICT (2017), BioCAS (2018), and IBM's Pat Goldberg Memorial (2020).

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