Accepted Tool Demos

  • Ariel Rosenfeld, Odaya Kardashov and Orel Zang.
    ACAT: A Novel Machine-Learning-Based Tool For Automating Android Application Testing
  • Andrei Tatarnikov, Alexander Kamkin, Mikhail Chupilko and Artem Kotsynyak.
    MicroTESK: Specification-Based Tool for Construction of Test Program Generators
  • George Sherwood.
    Embedded functions for test design automation
  • Suvam Mukherjee, Oded Padon, Sharon Shoham, Deepak D'Souza, Noam Rinetzky.
    RATCOP: Relational Analysis Tool for Concurrent Programs
  • Bernhard Garn, Fabian Wuerfl and Dimitris E. Simos.
    KERIS: A CT Tool of the Linux Kernel with Dynamic Memory Analysis Capabilities

Keynote Speakers


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