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Title: Scalable, Transparent and Post-quantum Secure Computational Integrity, with applications to Crypto-currencies
Prof. Eli Ben-Sasson, Department of Computer Science, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Abstract: Scalable Zero Knowledge (ZK) are currently used to enhance privacy and fungibility in the ZCash cryptocurrency, and could potentially be used to solve Bitcoin's scalability problems.

This talk describes recent progress towards, and applications of, *transparent* zero knowledge proofs, whose setup requires only a public random string.

Joint work with Iddo Bentov, Ynon Horesh and Michael Riabzev

Speaker Bio
Eli Ben-Sasson Eli Ben-Sasson is a Professor at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, which he joined in 2005. He obtained his PhD from Hebrew U. in 2001 and spent time doing research at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, at MIT and at Harvard University.
Eli's research interests include theoretical computer science with an emphasis on the study of proofs and computation, implementing scalable interactive proof systems and applications of such systems to decentralized crypto-currencies. Eli is a co-inventor of the privacy preserving crypto-currency Zerocash and a co-founder of the startup behind its implementation - ZCash.

Keynote Speakers


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