Haifa ViPS 2018

The IBM Verification, Privacy, and Security Conference | November 05 - 06


The IBM Verification, Privacy, and Security Conference offers two full days of talks and discussions about the newest breakthroughs in industry and academia.

The event will take place at the IBM Research - Haifa building. Attendance is free but registration is required.

November 5, 2018

08:30    Registraion
09:00 Welcome
Moshe Levinger, IBM Research - Haifa
09:15Keynote: Start up nation. Government facilitating innovation
Aharon Aharon, Israel Innovation Authority
10:15 Certora's Exact and Automatic Formal Verification of Smart Contracts
Mooly Sagiv, Certora

AI Everywhere - Harnessing Data Analytics for Verification and Security

11:00 Classifying Data /using Visual Structures - Changing How We Do Verification
Hagai Arbel, Vtool
11:35 code2seq: Generating Sequences from Structured Representations of Code
Uri Alon, Technion
12:10 Is my Machine Learning Model Performing as Expected? Automatically Detecting Data Drift
Orna Raz, IBM Research - Haifa
12:45 A Quarter Century of POWER Processor Verification: How the Complexity of Server Processors Has Driven Verification Innovation
John Ludden, IBM Systems

14:30Keynote: Background → Meltdown → Spectre → Foreshadow
Daniel Genkin, University of Michigan

Automotive: Verification and Security

15:45 Humanizing the Future of Mobility: A Formal AV Communication Language Towards Acceptance of Autonomy
Gila Kamhi, General Motors
16:20 A Practical Approach for the Verification of Functional Safety of Automotive Semiconductors
Jamil Mazawi, Optima Design Automation

November 6, 2018

09:00    Accurate Malware Detection by Extreme Abstraction
Cindy Eisner, IBM Research - Haifa
09:40 Current and Future Challenges in Cloud Security
Tamer Salman, Microsoft

10:30 IoT Security - Anomaly Detection
Omri Soceanu, IBM Research - Haifa
11:05 Coverage Analysis and Deadlock Detection using Machine Learning
Shobha Vasudevan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

12:00 Pwned in Translation – From Subtitles to RCE
Omri Herscovici, Check Point and Omer Gull, Check Point
12:40 Multi-Key Searchable Encryption, Revisited
Mor Weiss, IDC Herzliya

14:15GDPR Panel: GDPR Technical Challenges and Opportunities
Moderator: Ariel Farkash, IBM Research - Haifa
  • Ronit Reger, Microsoft
  • Netanella Treistman, Yigal Arnon & Co
  • Sima Nadler, IBM Research - Haifa
15:45Multi-Client Event


The online registration to the conference is closed.
You are welcome to register on site (IBM Haifa Research lab) on the conference day.

Organizing Committee

  • Sharon Keidar Barner, IBM Research - Haifa
  • Eli Arbel, IBM Research - Haifa
  • Muhammad Barham, IBM Research - Haifa
  • Fady Copty, IBM Research - Haifa
  • Raviv Gal, IBM Research - Haifa
  • Ron Shmelkin, IBM Research - Haifa
  • Avi Ziv, IBM Research - Haifa