Blockchain and IoT Technologies

The Blockchain and IoT Technologies department focuses on thought leadership in products, platforms, and strategy in the areas of Blockchain, IoT, and 5G/Edge.

We apply AI (artificial intelligence) in the Blockchain and IoT domains, we explore applications such as Worker Insights, Drone Inspection platform, and multi-modal interaction applications (e.g., conversational, gesture), personal assistant framework, exploiting deep learning and reasoning technologies. We have major contributions to IBM Blockchain Platform and Hyper Ledger Fabric as well as to our Flagship Networks (such as IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply, Health Utility Network and TradeLens). Finally we also explore advanced AI/Optimization algorithms to cope with large scale customer problems.


Gabi Zodik, Director Blockchain for IBM Research, and Manager of IoT and Blockchain Technologies - IBM Research - Haifa

Gabi Zodik,
Director, Blockchain, IBM Research,
Manager, Blockchain and IoT Technologies,
IBM Research - Haifa


IoT, Blockchain and AI


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Blockchain Technologies