CVPR 2024
Conference paper

What When and Where? Self-Supervised Spatio-Temporal Grounding in Untrimmed Multi-Action Videos from Narrated Instructions


Spatio-temporal grounding describes the task of localizing events in space and time, e.g., in video data, based on verbal descriptions only. Models for this task are usually trained with human-annotated sentences and bounding box supervision. This work addresses this task from a multimodal supervision perspective, proposing a framework for spatio-temporal action grounding trained on loose video and subtitle supervision only, without human annotation. To this end, we combine local representation learning, which focuses on leveraging fine-grained spatial information, with a global representation encoding that captures higher-level representations and incorporates both in a joint approach. To evaluate this challenging task in a reallife setting, a new benchmark dataset is proposed, providing dense spatio-temporal grounding annotations in long, untrimmed, multi-action instructional videos for over 5K events. We evaluate the proposed approach and other methods on the proposed and standard downstream tasks, showing that our method improves over current baselines in various settings, including spatial, temporal, and untrimmed multi-action spatio-temporal grounding.