SC 2018
Conference paper

The design, deployment, and evaluation of the CORAL pre-exascale systems

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CORAL, the Collaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne and Livermore, is fielding two similar IBM systems, Summit and Sierra, with NVIDIA GPUs that will replace the existing Titan and Sequoia systems. Summit and Sierra are currently ranked No. 1 and No. 3, respectively on the Top500 list. We discuss the design and key differences of the systems. Our evaluation of the systems highlights the following. Applications that fit in HBM see the most benefit and may prefer more GPUs; however, for some applications, the CPU-GPU bandwidth is more important than the number of GPUs. The node-local burst buffer scales linearly, and can achieve a 4X improvement over the parallel file system for large jobs; smaller jobs, however, may benefit from writing directly to the PFS. Finally, several CPU, network and memory bound analytics and GPU-bound deep learning codes achieve up to a 11X and 79X speedup/node, respectively over Titan.