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Some dynamical properties of a two-dimensional Wigner crystal

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Results for the static part of the ground state energy of the square and hexagonal two-dimensional Wigner lattices are given. The hexagonal lattice has the lower energy. Phonon dispersion curves and the vibrational zeropoint energy are calculated for the hexagonal lattice. The dielectric susceptibility tensor of a two-dimensional Wigner crystal χαβ(q) has been determined in the long wavelength limit in the presence of a static magnetic field perpendicular to the crystal, and explicit expressions have been obtained for the hexagonal lattice. Applying the analysis developed by Chiu and Quinn, the results for the susceptibility have been used to obtain the dispersion relation for the plasma oscillations in the electron crystal on the assumption that the crystal is embedded in a dielectric medium. The dispersion curves have been calculated for differing magnitudes of the applied magnetic field. © 1976.


01 Aug 1976


Surface Science