SID International Symposium 2004
Conference paper

MTF and NPS study of high-resolution LCDs and CRTs for mammography

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This paper presents a closer look on the link between the physical parameters (MTF and NPS) that characterize the performance of a liquid crystal display (LCD) and the architecture that generates the images. Understanding the major architectural difference between the cathode ray tube (CRT) and LCD displays can lead to better image quality analysis and characterization of the LCD displays. The aim of this research is to quantify two major image quality control parameters namely, modulation transfer function (MTF) and noise power spectrum (NPS) and understand their significance with respect to the architecture of the LCD and CRT displays. The experimentation was performed at Fischer Imaging Corporation research and development division in Denver, CO. We conclude the following: (1) The MTF of LCD is higher than that of CRT, and (2) LCD has higher NPS. The results thus infer that the LCD is better suitable display compared to CRT displays for mammography applications particularly considering its superior resolution. © 2005 SID.